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Exciting Early Years exploration awaits in Pre-School and Reception

The children can’t wait to get into school each morning to discover what fun awaits them in the Benedict House Early Years department.

They arrive and enthusiastically greet their teachers and friends. They eagerly embrace their daily routines, for example, finding their names, getting their snacks and folders out and then getting ready for the day ahead. 

There is a world of exciting experiences for the children to explore every day such as being an astronaut and taking off for the moon or getting messy in the wonderful mud kitchen.

The day follows a familiar pattern, starting with Phonics which is taught with a variety of interactive games and activities. Snack and playtime follow, in which the children are encouraged to be independent by sorting their own snack and putting on their coats. The morning also includes maths, reading and a variety of activities based around interesting topics which the children engage in fully.

After lunch, the children have many more opportunities for exploration and pursuing their favourite artistic activities. The day ends with singing and stories and lots of tired but happy children who are ready to go home to their Mums and Dads.

To book a place in Pre-School or Reception, please call 020 8300 7206.