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Year 3 Become Petrologists for the Day

Last week, Year Three became petrologists for the day and visited the Kent Wildlife Museum to learn all about rocks and fossils. Having spent weeks conducting our own experiments on the limited rocks found in our playground and surrounding area, we were surprised to realise that there were many more strange looking rocks; however, they all fit into the same three categories: sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic. We spent the first part of our day experimenting with these strange new rocks and grouping them according to their properties. After lunch, we had the opportunity to explore the site looking for an item with an interesting shape or pattern to take back and make a fossil with. Our guides taught us all about how fossils are made and we tried to replicate this using clay and plaster of Paris. At the end of our trip, we were able to take our fossils back to school with us and attempt to excavate the plaster of Paris fossil from the clay. This was a little trickier than we first thought as, like real fossils, ours was very delicate. We had a great time learning and getting muddy at Tulane Barn and cannot wait to learn more about the subject at school