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Year Six are Sent to the Tower!

Sparkling jewels, impressive sentries, tales of terror and majestic kings and queens – our day at the Tower of London was jam-packed full of fascinating facts and stories! We went to the Tower to support our class history topic of ‘Crime and Punishment’. Whilst we were there, we met a costumed interpreter who told us all about the grisly past of some of the Tower’s most infamous residents – he even tortured some of the children! Don’t worry, they volunteered and they just had to use their imaginations! 

We also saw some of the actual torture devices that were used, including the rack and the manacles. We learnt about how the Tower was used as a fortress and the different weapons and protection used – some of us even dressed Henry VIII for battle.  We visited the rather magnificent Crown Jewels and all wished that we could try some of them on. We also learnt about many of the animals that, in the past, had called the Tower their home, including: a polar bear, an elephant and even a tiger. The Beefeaters were very friendly and patiently answered all of our questions. Clara said, “I really enjoyed meeting our costumed interpreter and visiting all the different parts of the Tower, especially the Crown Jewels.”