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Latest News

Year One Pirates Take Over the National Maritime Museum

Last week Year One headed off to the National Maritime Museum, in Greenwich, to spend the day as pirates. They all took part in a pirate workshop where the children attended pirate school, run by their very own pirate teacher. They had to use their Maths skills, such as division, to solve problems the pirates might run into and also had to think of their own pirate names! The children really enjoyed being part of a crew and got to learn all about the seas the pirates sailed over.

Next it was off to the 'Ahoy Gallery' where all the children explored model ships and navigated them around the seas. They really enjoyed being able to work in groups and solve problems together, as well as being able to understand how ships worked and how people lived on them in the past.

It was a real treat for the children to explore the huge floor atlas. They were able to find all the continents and oceans, their topic for this term. Year One had great fun seeing if they could find all of them! The class really enjoyed their day out and are eager to continue learning more about continents and oceans in the classroom.