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Latest News

Wonderful Holiday Activities!

The end of term was such fun at Benedict House, with the children performing their Nativity play and Songs through the Ages for us all to enjoy at Christchurch, dressing in their onesies and PJs for the day, enjoying a Christmas lunch with all trimmings and of course seeing Father Christmas. The fun and excitement did not stop at the end of term, though, as a large number of children enjoyed the week of Holiday Club which was filled with fantastic activities for all to take part in.

On Monday, the group ventured to Gambado’s in Beckenham. Both children and staff members accompanying them (from the rumours circulating around the school!) had such a great time, zooming down the slides, playing in the ball pools and on the bumper cars, as well as climbing on the gigantic climbing frames.

During Tuesday’s holiday club, Bexley Confetti visited us at school. The children learnt how to make three different forms of slime and, as you can see from the picture on the previous page, a fabulous time was had by all who took part.

On Wednesday, the children were lucky enough to see Father Christmas once more, who had made a brief stop at Bluewater before heading back to the North Pole for last minute preparations for Christmas Eve.

Thursday saw the children taking the train to The Orchard Theatre in Dartford to watch the pantomime performance of Aladdin. The show was a great hit. Pupils especially liked wearing the 3D glasses that were supplied to us just after the interval. The scene saw us jumping out of our seats as various objects and creatures came hurtling towards us.       

The last day of Holiday Club started with the children playing at Sidcup Park. After a very windy play, the children returned to school to meet a real chocolatier. She taught the children about how chocolate is made, as well as the history of it. They got to touch a real cocoa bean and rattle it, as well as to use their senses to describe different chocolates and taste them.