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We Will Remember Them

Last Monday during assembly, the school had time to reflect and talk about the word ‘Remembrance’.

We spoke about days we like to remember and how our brain goes back in the past to bring those memories to the present. Some of them good, like being at the beach, and some of them that are also important to remember, such as birthdays.

The children reflected on people who gave up their lives to make our country better. They learned that not only people who fought in the war died, but also non-combatants, to include mothers, children and animals.

We discussed how this time of year was always very important, and that on Friday there was going to be a two minutes’ silence, which would give all of us at Benedict House the chance to reflect on the past lives that had been lost. When we did, it was so lovely to see the children wearing their poppies and being truly respectful with heads bowed and eyes closed.