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The Wonders of Science

Huge fun was had last week during ‘Science Week’ as each class conducted their own investigations and experiments, much to their enjoyment! We had Mr Woods, a scientist, visit the school and he taught all the children about chemical reactions and investigations, inspired by what could be found at home in the kitchen. 

There were so many highlights. For the various classes, perhaps some were:

Pre-School: making snow with baking powder and shaving foam

Reception: making slime, fizzing colours with pipettes, lava lamps and healthy kebabs

Year One: making telephones and doing tree rubbings

Year Two: watching skittles in boiling water and making volcanos

Year Three: as engineers, building a model of the London Eye

Year Four: solids, liquids and gases, and making 'plastic cheese'

Year Five: reversible and irreversible changes, exemplified through making waffles and bath bombs, and bridge building

Year Six: construction of gas masks and dissection of barn owl pellets