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Sensational Ski Trip

There is something magical about standing on top of a snow covered mountain while watching little people blossom into capable skiers. It is marvellous how the children gain in confidence, independence and self-worth. When they return home, they have new friends and skills. All these things are important for when the end of the year arrives and new adventures in secondary school and life beyond beckon. 

By Day Two they were skiing down slopes and ready for chair lifts to the top of the mountain. Skills that were needed and learned very quickly were to follow instructions, take on board what was being said and to stop positioned across the slope. 

Our children’s skills and abilities improved with every session and by the last day of skiing they had conquered blue slopes and some were on the red. They each received medals and their SFL instructors were confident that they would get better with more practice. All had the chance to do some jumps, which they mastered, though a few went off-piste and managed to get stuck in the deep snow. Those then had to fish out their skis! 

The evening entertainment, as usual, was brilliant. Children had the chance to go on the longest luge in Europe, on a skiddo up the mountain to the quaintest and most beautiful restaurant where they were served hot chocolate and crepes. They had a movie night where they took their duvets down and ‘chilled’, went out for pizza to a nearby restaurant (yes, with 70 children and 10 adults!), and they ended the week off with a disco.  Some of our BHPS children were too shy to dance… but there were certainly others who were in their element!

On a whole, the children, though completely exhausted from all the physical activities, had a wonderful time and yet again the ski trip to Montgenevre was a great success.