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Greek Theatre Comes to Year Five

Throughout the Greek world, performances of plays were usually connected with worship of the god Dionysos. Almost every Greek city had a theatre because plays were part of many religious festivals. The theatres were built on hillsides in the open air and could often hold more than 18,000 spectators. All the actors were men. They wore large masks that exaggerated facial features and emotions. The mouth hole was large to help amplify the voices. Masks were also used to represent different characters that one actor might play.  Greek plays were either comedies or tragedies. Tragedies were often about the past, whereas comedies tended to be about current and everyday life. Actors in comedies wore bright colours. Actors in tragedies wore dark colours. Plays were either spoken or sung in rhyme. Year Five researched what the masks looked like and added a modern twist to their designs.

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