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Fly Like an Eagle

Obehi and Lily write:

Our school trip to Eagle Heights last week was amazing! First, we jumped on a white coach. It took about thirty minutes to get there. When we arrived we walked to the entrance and saw eagles in their cages. We went past the eagles and the gift shop into the café where we put all of our things down. After that, we played in the playground and saw some more eagles and meerkats. Then it was snack time. After snack we were split into groups and saw the big eagles. They were very noisy. Whenever a member of staff walked in, they would shriek, because they would feed them. They were standing on poles with something attached to their feet to stop them flying away. We watched the Crystal Palace eagle and it was stunning. Next, we went to the reptile house and saw tarantulas, snakes and even a crocodile. Then it was time for the eagle show. We saw the eagles fly around over our heads. Our favourite was the Sellars Eagle, which was massive. Lunch was next and after that we met Heidi and Cocoa, the Huskies. Thank you, Mr. Ferguson, for booking that wonderful school trip!