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First Reception School Trip Together

Before Half Term, Reception went on their first ever school trip as a class. They visited Hall Place and were amazed to learn how big it is there and about all the different things you can do. We started our morning learning about ‘Homes in the Past’ and looked around the Historic House. We compared the different rooms to our rooms at home and how they have changed. For example, the children learnt that there was no running water or televisions and chocolate hadn’t even been invented!

We counted the stairs on the giant staircase, played instruments and learnt a dance in the Great Hall. Then, when we went into the bedroom, the ladies explained that they didn’t have books but they had beautiful ornate ceilings which they used to tell stories. The children lay down and had to look for different characters and animals. They also had the challenge of finding a bear in each room. After a busy morning walking around the house we had lunch and then went on a scavenger hunt around the grounds. We had various items we had to find, for example, bark, acorn, red/green/yellow leaves etc. Each group tried really hard to find everything on their list and even found other exciting treasures.  We then finished our day with a walk around the vegetable patch, looking at how the different vegetables grow, and talking about what we use them for. We even saw the terrapins in the glass house before we left. All the children were exhausted by the time we left!