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Camp Night – We Couldn't Keep Them Away!

At the end of last term, the Year Three and Four classes ended off with an amazing ‘Camping at School’ night. The children were very excited and had the time of their lives. They started off the afternoon with some Bush Craft fun, from making dream catchers, to their own noughts and crosses games. We had the fun of ordering in pizza for dinner, which was devoured, and followed that with a bonfire with marshmallows. 

When it came to the evening they excitedly went into their designated ‘tents’ (the Year Two classroom and hall) and climbed into their pyjamas. The children proceeded to watch a movie and have a chat with ‘midnight feasts’. 

After all that excitement the pupils were exhausted and (thankfully, for their teachers!) fell asleep quite quickly. Early in the morning they were woken up by crazy Mrs Freeman banging pots, a throw-back to something unusual in her childhood; I’m sure this is a memory they will never forget! They got dressed into their uniforms and had breakfast. Everyone tidied up and put everything back to where it was meant to be, as if they had never been there for the night. What a brilliant experience for all involved and a huge deal of fun too. 

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